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The Full Story


I began my love for pottery back in 2018. It started off as a hobby until I left my full-time job last November to pursue a career in ceramics.

I fell in love with how engrossing it is to be so creative with the clay. I also enjoy the technical aspects of designing something functional. 

Every day in the studio brings along something new and exciting. From having an idea in my head to making it come alive with my own hands.  


The Workshop

This is where the magic happens! I have a studio built in my garden at home which is where I make all of my pots. It is a very calm and relaxing place to spend my working day, surrounded by nature.


The main inspirations behind my craft are my love for contemporary living and the calm and earthy tones of the local woodlands.

When I work with clay I become completely immersed in creating something beautiful. My mind is focused and calm and I try to instil this in each piece I make.

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